What are the recruitment campaigns for creatives at elBulli1846?

In elBulli1846 we will undertake different research periods organised on the basis of recruitment campaigns to select multidisciplinary teams with a holistic vision to study, research and experiment on efficiency in innovation.

Various recruitment campaigns will be held to form teams, selecting participants on their research outlook and creative talent.

In each research period this team will undertake a thorough investigation of a major field of study, while individual team members will simultaneously carry out specialised tasks. The context of this research will always be related to the themes of creation and innovation. The Sapiens methodology will be a constant thread throughout, given that it is a tool for systemic thinking which facilitates an audit of both creation and innovation.

The format of the teams and their modus operandi will alter depending on the individual needs of the mission/s during each research period. Consequently, different models of organization and operation may be employed as necessary, such as innovation labs, creative labs, museums…

The main purpose of this research is to address the issue of management efficiency with particular regard to SMEs, using the common language of the fine dining restaurant sector and its interdisciplinary relationships with science, technology, industry, design, art, media & communication, et al.