To bring this about, a program of recruitment campaigns will be held at specific periods. In each one, a distinct team will be selected based on its research outlook and creative talent.  Each team will undertake detailed research into an important field of study which will always be contextualised around the themes of creativity and innovation. The principal topic of study will be integrated with secondary personalised tasks assigned to each team member, to be carried out at an individual level.

The conclusions generated will be shared through different formats. The exhibition on display in Cala Montjoi, a continuous “work in progress” project will be of key importance, as it will allow visitors to reflect upon the centre’s work on connected knowledge, management, innovation and education. At the same time, the exhibition will function as a work tool for all the teams recruited during the whole process. This double function clearly demonstrates the concept of an exhibition lab in continuous evolution, in which every day is a new dawn.