When will elBulli1846 commence its activities?

Activities in elBulli1846 will begin in 2 distinct phases:


Soft opening (2020-2022)

Fully operational (from 2023 onwards)

SOFT OPENING (2020-2021)

This first phase, during 2020,2021 and 2022, is envisaged as a “soft opening” period. In part, we consider this as a necessary phase to permit an organic growth to take place in the development of the permanent exhibition.

Additionally, this first phase addresses the need for experimentation around the various activities to be undertaken in a scheduled way with different participants. These first two years of “soft opening” also offer scope for the team to reflect upon their approach.



By 2022 the project will already be underway, and visits will have commenced. These visits will take place in the same space in which the creative teams will be carrying out their research. Consequently, this phase offers us the opportunity to reflect upon how these different activities can function together successfully.

At this stage, we will also have finalised planning for the recruitment of future creative teams of elBulli1846 and will be ready to start sharing the content developed by these teams through the elBulliDNA project.