What are the elBulli1846 open calls for creative people?

At elBulli1846 different research periods will be carried out, organised on an open call basis, in which multidisciplinary teams will take part. These teams will study, research and carry out experiments about efficiency in innovation, using a holistic approach.

A number of open calls will be made to form the teams, selecting participants depending on their attitude towards research and creative talent.

In each period, the team will explore a “major” study theme in depth, which will be combined with personalised subjects, using an individual approach. In both cases, the subject matter will always be contextualised within the framework of creation and innovation. The common denominator for all of them will be the Sapiens methodology, which can be used to test creation and innovation based on its built-in systemic thinking.

The team format and the way of working will change depending on the needs of the mission(s) in each period. Features of different organisational and operational models—such as innovation and creative labs, museums, etc.—may be used.

At the centre will be the fine-dining sector, with all its interdisciplinary relationships—science, technology, industry, design, art, communication, etc.—and using a common language to address the issue of efficiency in management applied to SMEs, which is our main aim.