Various invitations will be made to find appropriate candidates, for specific periods. A different team will be selected in each open call, based on their attitude towards research and creative talent. We will explore a “major” theme in depth in each open call. This theme will be addressed globally for the whole team, always within the framework of creativity and innovation. Secondary individually tailored themes will be added to this major theme, which will be assigned to each team member for them to be performed individually.

The results generated in each invitation will be shared through different formats. The exhibition on display at Cala Montjoi—a work in progress—will play a key role in the project. Visitors will be able to reflect on connected knowledge, management, innovation and education. It will also be used as a working tool for the teams involved in each of the successive open calls. The concept of exhibition lab is based on this twofold function, the idea being to create a space where things are constantly evolving, so that each day is different.