When will the project start at elBulli1846?

The project at elBulli1846 will be implemented in 2 different phases:

Soft opening (2020-2021)

Main project (from 2022 onwards)

SOFT OPENING (2020-2021)

This first phase will cover the years 2020 and 2021, and is considered to be the soft opening period. This is the necessary period of time calculated for organic growth, enabling the permanent exhibition to be implemented.

This initial phase is also intended to be used to try out the activities that will be organised in groups and those which will have different profiles. It will also be used to encourage reflection around the concept of teamwork, which will also take place during these first two years of “soft opening”.



By the year 2022, the project will have begun its own journey and will begin to be visited by the general public. It will be crucial for the teams working there to carry on with their activities as normal and also to manage visits in the same space.

By this stage, we will have consolidated the planning of the open calls for creative teams at elBulli1846. It will also be the time to share the contents developed by these teams through the elBulliDNA project.