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The encyclopaedia of the fine dining sector in the restaurant business

…we use Sapiens for the fine dining sector to create content for education and self-study


…in distinct formats:

More than thirty 500-page books in encyclopaedia format


Bullipedia generates works that have a particular scope, which are of a specific and specialised nature, and others that are part of a transversal collection that allows for a more holistic understanding of the subject.

This content will be made available online in the future


Bullipedia wishes to play an important role in the academic world. The aim of this project is to further establish gastronomy as an academic discipline.


A learning tool: a new Sapiens model for self-study based on connecting knowledge, a type of content created for self-study and the spread of knowledge.

To display connected knowledge in exhibitions.

Bullipedia can also be presented in exhibitions, allowing very intense interactions between user and content. Entering into a journey designed to ‘explain’ a specific topic makes it easier to understand and opens up many possibilities for dialogue.

Exhibitions also serve as working tools that allow us to visualise and anchor the content of a project in order to audit it.