Welcome to elBulli1846

Welcome to elBulli1846, the headquarters of elBullifoundation, at Cala Montjoi, within the Cap de Creus Natural Park, which occupies the space of the former elBullirestaurante.

A visit to the museum will give you an understanding of why the shift in the world gastronomy paradigm took place here, while allowing you to reflect on your own relationship with knowledge and innovation.

elBullifoundation was founded in 2013 as a private foundation for the purpose of:
  • Safeguarding the legacy of elBulli.
  • Generating quality content on the fine-dining sector.
  • And promoting innovative thinking.
The tour of elBulli1846 takes in:

The outdoor space where:
  • We share our thoughts on cooking and innovation.
  • We pay tribute to the Bullinianos throughout our history who have made and continue to make this dream possible.
  • We present Sapiens, the methodology we have developed to connect knowledge and understanding that we apply in all our projects…
  • an example of which is Bullipedia, the encyclopedia of the Western fine-dining sector.
The space once occupied by the restaurant, where we explain the most important milestones in the history of elBulli and how systematisation was applied to innovation through the language of cuisine and exploring the limits of the gastronomic experience.

The space dedicated to the interdisciplinary relationships that enriched and fed back into elBulli’s capacity for innovation throughout its existence.

And a space dedicated to elBulliDNA, where we show you projects carried out since the creation of elBullifoundation in order to fulfil its three-fold mission.

Thank you very much.

Your visit will help to preserve and pass on the elBulli legacy and to allow the foundation to continue to fulfil its mission.

As you will have seen when you arrived, elBulli1846 is all about eating knowledge.

Enjoy and welcome!