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  • Friends that we shared experiences with

    Fortunately, throughout our career we were able to count on the interest of many friends within the profession, who would spend a few days with us to see our work first-hand and share experiences that were mutually enriching.

    Dear friends like Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Subijana, José Ramón Andrés, Christian Escribà, Marcos Morán, Rudi Van Beylen, François Chartier and many others … They are also genuine Bullinianos.

    Pedro Subijana and Juan Mari Arzak in the kitchen of elBulli (2008)
    Christian Escribà with Ferran Adrià during the celebration of “Last Waltz”, the last dinner service of elBulli as a restaurant (30/07/2011)


    With the publication of El sabor del Mediterráneo in 1993, we initiated a relationship with Francesc Guillamet that was both professional and personal, producing a truly fruitful and ground-breaking collaboration (elBulli General Catalogue).

    Marta Méndez and Roberta Sucupira formed a key part of the team, especially in the design of the publishing projects carried out at elBullicarmen.


    The latest generations of the luminaries of French cuisine visited us to see at first-hand our working methods.


    Alexandre Blanc and Romain Chapel with Juli Soler


    In partnership with Luki Huber, we envisioned and forged a path changing the way in which the relationship between industrial design, the world of cuisine and the gastronomic experience is understood.

    With Pere Castells and Ingrid Farré, we set up the scientific department, even before the inauguration of elBullitaller in Portaferrissa.