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Calendar and opening times

2023 season

Open between 15 June and 16 September

Calendar and opening times

Open Monday to Saturday:
- 9:30–20:00
- Last entry: 18:30

Public holiday openings

- Saturday, 24 June
- Tuesday, 15 August
- Monday, 11 September

Closed to the public

- Every Sunday
- Friday, 30 June
- Friday, 14 July
- Friday, 15 September


Visit to elBulli1846 + Bus transfer

Visit the elBulli Museum at Cala Montjoi. Arrive in comfort on the exclusive shuttle bus from Roses and immerse yourself in the experience.

27,50 €


20,50 €

Concessions: Persons with a disability rating of 33% or above, over 65s, students of officially recognised courses, Carnet Jove holders, under 16s, and residents of Roses.

0 €

Free of charge: Care Attendants accompanying persons with a disability rating of 50% or above, under 11s accompanying a family group.

Visit elBulli1846

Visit the elBulli Museum at Cala Montjoi, where Ferran Adrià revolutionised the way to understand cooking. A museum that offers food for thought regarding knowledge, innovation and the history of elBulli.

27,50 €


20,50 €

Concessions: Persons with a disability rating of 33% or above, over 65s, students of officially recognised courses, Carnet Jove holders, under 16s, and residents of Roses.

0 €

Free of charge: Care Attendants accompanying persons with a disability rating of 50% or above, under 11s accompanying a family group.

Parking elBulli1846 (3h)

Drive in the comfort of your own vehicle and park at the museum.

19,50 €


Visit elBulli1846 + Tourist Train

Visit the elBulli Museum at Cala Montjoi after an hour-long excursion through the Cap de Creus Natural Park on the Roses Express Cultural Tourist Train and enjoy a full day outing.

45,50 €


38,50 €

Concessions: Persons with a disability rating of 33% or above, over 65s, students of officially recognised courses, Carnet Jove holders, under 16s, and residents of Roses.

12,00 €

Children under 11

How to get there

Free shuttle bus service

elBullifoundation provides a free shuttle bus service from Roses to elBulli1846 and back.

Use of this free bus service helps to reduce our impact on the environment while enjoying the magnificent scenery that the Cap de Creus Natural Park has to offer.

The bus stop is located at the entrance to Roses, in the parking area belonging to the Autocars Viñolas coach company. Free parking is available there for the duration of your visit to the museum.


Bus timetables:
‍Buses depart Roses at the following times:
9:00 h
10:00 h
11:20 h
12:20 h
14:00 h
15:00 h
16:20 h

The visit is estimated to take two and a half hours. The bus will collect you after that time. You will be able to see the exact bus departure time on your ticket.


Bus stop:
Carretera Besalú-Roses, S/N
17480 Roses
Latitude: 42.267775, Longitude: 3.162134



You will need to show your ticket in order to board the bus.

You must be on the premises of elBulli1846 in order to board the return bus to Roses.

elBullifoundation undertakes to provide transport, both outward and return journeys, for all individuals who have chosen this means of transport at the times for which they have booked (as indicated on their ticket).

You will not be entitled to use this service unless you are at the corresponding bus stop at the time indicated on your booking.

Private vehicle

Cala Montjoi, s/n
17480 Roses, Girona
elBulli1846 coordinates: 42°15’11.1″N 3°13’34.0″E


There is a private car park for the exclusive use of museum visitors.

At the time you purchase your ticket, you will have the option to pre-book a parking space for 3 hours. During the purchasing process, you will be allowed to choose time slots for which parking spaces are available.

There is a strict 3-hour limit and no extensions are permitted. After that time, the space will be allocated to another vehicle.

If you have any queries, please contact the car park manager on arrival.

Free parking service:
– For vehicles used by individuals with severe disability (subject to availability).
– For motorcycles.
– For bikes.

Road access for vehicles (except motorcycles and bikes) is restricted on all days during the period between 15 July and 31 August from the hours of 10:30 to 16:30.

Your purchase of a ticket to visit elBulli1846 will exempt you from this restriction. Just show your ticket to the person in charge of the barrier controlling entry to the park, which can be found halfway between Roses and Cala Montjoi, at the location called Mirador de Punta Falconera. You will be able to reach elBulli1846 without any problem.

Other means of transport

You can also reach elBulli1846 by motorcycle or bike and enjoy free parking (subject to availability).

If you come by boat, you can hire the use of a mooring buoy at Cala Montjoi and walk from the beach to the main entrance to the museum.

If you like hiking, you can reach Cala Montjoi along the Camí de Ronda coastal path:


  • elBulli1846 is accessible for people with impaired mobility, with all areas connected via paths and ramps.
  • We have free parking spaces reserved exclusively for people with impaired mobility. Advance booking is recommended.
  • We also have a wheelchair loan service available for pre-booking.

Both our parking space and wheelchair service can be pre-booked by e-mail ( or by calling (+34) 638 00 18 46 (during museum opening hours).

  • Entry is permitted for guide dogs to assist blind and visually impaired visitors.
  • Free admission is given to the companion of an individual with severe disability.
  • Proof of eligibility must be shown in the case of concessions and/or free admission.
  • In the event of queues, preferential entry will be given to persons with disabilities or impaired mobility.
  • For each installation in the exhibition, the multimedia guide allows visually impaired visitors to listen to audio files with complementary content and hearing-impaired visitors to read the text equivalent to the audio file.
  • Available in all languages (Spanish, Catalan, English and French).

Museum regulations

Safty regulations

CCTV is in operation.

There is a security plan in place for the site. Each building is equipped with emergency exit signs and fire safety equipment.

In the case of an emergency, staff will provide assistance at all times. Keep calm and follow their instructions.

Code of conudct and rules for the use of facilities

Individuals wearing swimwear or going barefoot will not be allowed to enter.

There is a strict 3-hour limit for vehicles parked in the museum car park.

Flash photography is not permitted, and any photographs taken must be only for personal and not commercial use. The use of selfie sticks is not permitted.Share your experience! Don’t forget to mention #elBulli1846 on your social media.

No eating or drinking (except water) is allowed anywhere except in the area designated for this purpose.

Please make use of the bins provided to dispose of any rubbish.

For your safety, backpacks and other large bags must be stored in the cloakroom lockers.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Running is not permitted.

Please speak in a quiet voice, mute your mobile phones, and use headphones to listen to the multimedia guide without disturbing others.

Please maintain the calm atmosphere out of respect for all our visitors.

For the purpose of their proper preservation, touching of the exhibited items is not permitted.

The only vehicles permitted are mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs for use by people with reduced mobility.

Follow the marked out route only.

Sitting is only permitted in places specially provided for this purpose.

elBulli1846 is a non-smoking space. A smoking area can be found in the car park.

Animals are not permitted, except guide dogs.


Visitor welcome kiosk with information service and entry control.

Car park with a limited number of spaces. You will only be able to enter with your vehicle if you have previously purchased a ticket with pre-booked parking. Free parking for individuals with severe disability, motorcycles and bikes (subject to availability).

Waiting area where you can wait for fellow visitors, the shuttle bus or a pre-booked taxi.

Lockers where you can store your belongings during your visit. Items of luggage are not allowed on the premises.

Toilets can be found both in the vicinity of the car park area and of the terrace during the first stage of the indoor route.

A vending machine offering a selection of snacks and drinks for before or after your museum visit can be found in the vicinity of the car park. Waste recycling bins are also located nearby.

There are several drinking fountains along the route that allow you to remain hydrated at all times.

There is a designated smoking area.

You can acquire souvenirs of your visit and books from the Bullipedia collection at our shop.

You can also access our online shop

A free multimedia guide is available in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

Remember to bring your headphones. If not, you can purchase a pair at the shop.

Free WiFi is available throughout the museum.

Portable smartphone chargers: ask about this service at the shop.

Multimedia guide

elBulli1846 offers you a free multimedia guide with additional content to enhance your experience.

You can connect to it using your own smartphone on arrival.

The contents of the guide will only be available during your visit to the museum.

We recommend that you should bring your own headphones for the visit. If not, you can purchase a pair at the museum shop.

If you don’t have a smartphone, elBulli1846 will lend you a device to access the multimedia guide for the duration of the visit.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.


Here are some answers to the most common questions you may have. Our team will be happy to resolve any other queries not covered by them.

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