What is elBulli1846

A museum to reflect on knowledge, innovation and the history of elBulli.

The elBulli1846 exhibition itinerary includes:

An outdoor space, where:

  • We share our thoughts on cooking and innovation.
  • We pay tribute to the Bullinianos who have made and continue to make the story of this dream a reality.
  • We present Sapiens, the methodology we have developed to connect knowledge and understanding, and which we apply in all our projects, such as Bullipedia, the encyclopaedia of the fine-dining sector in Western society.

The space once occupied by the restaurant, where:

  • We share the most important milestones in the history of elBulli.
  • We explain how the systematisation of innovation came to be applied through the language of cooking and exploration of the limits of the gastronomic experience.

A space dedicated to interdisciplinary relationships:

  • These enriched and were assimilated into the elBulli’s capacity to innovate throughout its history.