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elBulli 1983-2011 General Catalogue (digital access)

By purchasing any publication of elBulli General Catalogue, you will automatically receive access to the online elBulli General Catalogue, containing the 1,846 recipes that were created in elBullirestaurante.

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  • El Economista

    The first complete encyclopaedia on wine. A multidisciplinary work based on the Sapiens method, a revolutionary research method that brings together scientists, maître d’s, historians, artists, sommeliers, graphic designers and many more professionals associated with the world of wine.

  • Directo al Paladar

    Without a doubt, Bullipedia is one of the most ambitious projects in the area of culinary studies.

  • 7 Caníbales

    Ferran Adrià has talked much of the Sapiens method as a tool for tackling issues relating to gastronomy and how it has featured in many projects over recent years. Now, after ten years of study and research, elBullifoundation is publishing the volume Linking Knowledge. Sapiens Methodology in which the team elaborates on this methodology.

  • La Razón

    It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Bullipedia will be fundamental for coming generations wanting access to ground breaking knowledge.

  • National Geographic

    With its abundant illustrations and infographics, Paleolithic and Neolithic. The origins of cooking is a book that is as visual as it is readable, inviting us to place gastronomy at the heart of the development of civilization. Cooking is one of the key elements in understanding the history of mankind.

  • XL Semanal – Gourmet

    The Bullipedia is a titanic project brimming with detail and will be a valuable addition to the most comprehensive libraries. The texts of its books follow a pattern of questioning endeavour accompanied by the consequent exhaustive, meticulous and well-argued reply.

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