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Juli Soler que estás en la sala. Vida y (casi) milagros del creador con Ferran Adrià de elBulli

Juli Soler, who art in the dining room. The life and (semi) miraculous deeds of the man who created elBulli with Ferran Adrià

The authorised biography of one of the main actors of the Spanish gastronomic revolution, considered to be the best front-of-house director ever in the country.


496 pages

230 x145 mm


Publisher: Editorial Planeta Gastro

ISBN: 978-84-08-25457-7


This book is a story of rock ‘n’ roll and clinking cutlery. The tale of little-known celebrity Juli Soler, Catalan rock prophet from ‘68 to ‘80, friend of the Rolling Stones and, from 1981, inventor of a Bulli on the rocks and a dining room moving to the rhythm of a more ceramic type of disc.


Between 1984 and 2011 Juli Soler remained in the background, giving the limelight to chef Ferran Adrià, providing a platform to the best wines in the world, and above all, offering a warm welcome to all restaurant guests, regardless of class or position.


Princesses and magnates alike left themselves in Juli’s care, humble for once. Meanwhile, more ordinary folk were treated like stars.


Soler removed the formality of the fine dining experience, swapped the menu for a culinary feast, and thus set the scene for the revolutionary cuisine of a Bulli of worldwide renown.


In turn, elBulli advanced Catalan cuisine urbi et orbi, and to a lesser extent, Spanish cuisine also.


In this book, a multitude of voices, from Spain and France, from the worlds of gastronomy, music and wine, relate their own versions of Juli Soler.


But because, whilst many thought they knew Juli, and in fact, few really did know him, this book of gastronomic adventures portrays the cosmic, multidimensional character that was Juli Soler.


In this section is a short summary of each chapter of the book

About the author

Oscar Caballero has worked as gastronomy correspondent of Club de Gourmets in Paris since 1981. At this time he also started writing for La Vanguardia about entertainment and cultural matters. Every month Caballero publishes his Paris Letter in the publication Revista Leer. He is the only foreign member of the French association of food critics and the Société des Gens de Lettres. Furthermore, he is the author of about twenty books, including the first text published about elBulli, called Text and pretext to textures: elBulli, Soler and Adrià in context.