Research at elBulli1846
(01/8/2020 – 16/11/2020)
Find out how it went
(1/4/2021 – 30/6/2021)
Find out how it went

1ª convocatoria

(24/8/2020 – 20/12/2020)



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2ª convocatoria

(1/4/2021 – 30/6/2021)


En esta segunda convocatoria queremos reflexionar sobre cómo conocer y comprender la historia ayuda a crear. Lo haremos a partir de los libros más importantes, de la Edad Media y el Renacimiento, que son referencia en el arte culinario occidental.

Además, conocerás como lidera Ferran Adrià y la cultura organizacional de elBulli.

What is elBulli1846?

elBulli1846 is an exhibition lab in which we will carry out studies, investigation and experimentation to generate knowledge around the theme of efficiency in innovation, both basic and applied. Placing a particular focus on SMEs, the exhibitions that gather together this content are envisaged to function as a tool to facilitate further work

When will elBulli1846 commence its activities?

Activities in elBulli1846 will begin in 2 distinct phases: soft opening (2020-2022) and fully operational (from 2023 onwards)

What are the recruitment campaigns for creatives at elBulli1846?

In elBulli1846 we will undertake different research periods organized on the basis of recruitment campaigns to select multidisciplinary teams with a holistic vision to study, research and experiment on efficiency in innovation.

What is the purpose of this research program?

To research and make public our past, present and future experiences of the management of innovation.

Where is elBulli1846? What will the space contain?

elBulli1846 is located in Cala Montjoi (Roses) in the Cap de Creus National Park, an extraordinary natural environment that offers an ideal location for research and reflection.

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