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La comida de la familia

The Family Meal

The elBulli restaurant will go down in history as one of the temples of fine dining. The invention and imagination of Ferran Adrià and his team, producing dishes of impeccable sophistication and technique, has completely revolutionised our understanding of restaurant eating.

But, how were the elBulli team fed every day?

Have you ever wondered how the great chefs feed themselves on a day-to-day basis?

How is it possible to prepare food every day for a team of 75 people?

Would you like to have the organisational skills of a restaurant, an ability to bring the different courses of a meal to the table exactly on demand?

In his book The Family Meal, Ferran Adrià has carefully created 31 nutritious 3-course menus that are tasty and easy to prepare using fresh ingredients, so that your family can benefit from the knowledge and experience gained from the kitchen formerly regarded as the best in the world.

Having a rich and varied diet is not only a pleasure, but also a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle. This book can help you to plan a different menu option for each day of the week.


ISBN: 9788492981823

First Edition: 2011

Pages long: 384

Format: softcover

Book size: 24×18 cm

Author: Ferran Adrià / elBulli



About the author

Widely regarded as the most influential chef of recent decades, Ferran Adrià (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1962) started working at elBulli in 1984 and was soon promoted to the position of head chef. From 1987 onwards, his increasingly groundbreaking culinary approach transformed the paradigm of contemporary cuisine, earning the highest international accolades both for himself and for elBulli, of which he was co-owner with Juli Soler. In his latest revolution, Ferran has refashioned his former restaurant into a foundation dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cuisine and creativity.


More information about this book

The book details 31 3-course menus consisting of starter, main course and dessert. With a family of between 2 and 6 members in mind, but also perfect for a professional with a team of 20, or maybe even 75, collaborators to feed.

Ferran Adrià, informed and guided by his experience at elBulli, considers all aspects of the cooking and provisioning process, such as:

  • How to select products.
  • Which products we should always stock in our cupboards
  • How to make broths and sauces, separating them into portions to freeze for future use.
  • What quantities, depending on the number of people to be fed, are needed for each recipe.
  • How to organise food prep for the 3 courses so that all are served at the table exactly on time.
  • Step-by-step visuals for each of the recipes.

All recipes are easily prepared at home, in a convenient time frame and at an economic price of less than 4 euros per head.