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Edición Picasso; Cómo Empezó La Cocina


Picasso Edition. The Origins of Cooking

Published by Bullipedia following the Picasso’s Kitchen exhibition held at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona from May 25 to September 30, 2018.


Book length: 210 pages

Introductory text: Where the paths cross. An interview with Ferran Adrià: Emmanuel Guigon, Jèssica Jacques

Book dimensions: 23×33 cm

Weight: 1,805 g

ISBN: 978-8409017140


Ferran Adrià & Emmanuel Guigon. Photography: ara.cat

For the Picasso’s Kitchen exhibition, Ferran Adrià poses the question, “what is cooking?” convinced that the answer may reveal some important aspects of the creativity of human beings.

“I made sketches for the theory of culinary evolution as a way of undertaking genealogical research into the origins of cooking, which I believe is largely responsible for the beginnings of humanity. I would have preferred my drawings to have been realistic, but have not trained as an illustrator. So, in the early mornings, I began to draw whatever came to mind, with what I had to hand, using this as a creative technique to begin establishing an account of the theory of culinary evolution. My reasoning was that in order to answer the question, “what is cooking?” our team had to be able to answer the question of, “when did cooking begin?” The four years following the completion of these one hundred and thirteen drawings has led directly to Sapiens, a methodology dedicated to exploring the possibilities of creativity and gastronomic production.”