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Conectando conocimiento. Metodología Sapiens

Linking knowledge. Sapiens Methodology explores the methodology created by Ferran Adrià and the elBullifoundation team, which is used by the foundation to carry out its research projects. Sapiens is an array of investigative methods that can be applied to any subject matter, serving to connect knowledge and, consequently, arrive at an understanding of the issue. The objectives of Sapiens, by way of example, are: managing information, processes of learning, teaching, communicating, environmental and organisational analysis, optimisation of management, creation and innovation.


568 pages

230 x 330 mm

Hard cover

ISBN: 9788409276349



The book reviews the journey that led us from elBullirestaurante to elBullifoundation. The philosophy employed in elBullirestaurante, and more specifically in elBullitaller, was the bud that years later blossomed into the tool developed in the foundation, a project wholly focused on knowledge. We apply the Sapiens methodology in our research into creation, innovation, and subject matter related to the western fine dining restaurant sector. Our findings are published through Bullipedia, and in the elBulli1846 exhibition laboratory project, which since 2020 has occupied the elBullirestaurante space in Cala Montjoi.


The introductory section of the volume addresses an early objective of the project – discovering how one reaches an understanding of a topic, taking guidance from a panel of neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers and professionals from various disciplines. The specialists involved include Israel Ruiz (engineer and former vice-president of MIT), Toni Segarra (publicist), Michelle Greenwald (former vice-president of Disney), David Bueno (neuroscientist at the University of Barcelona), Mario Tascón (journalist and consultant), Marcel Planellas (professor at ESADE), among other experts.


The central section of the book is devoted to the philosophical principles and methods that are employed:


Based on the modus operandi of elBulli, these principles embrace the concept of a holistic vision placing great value on general knowledge and interdisciplinary relations, that questions the status quo and one’s own assumptions, with a determination to avoid dogmas.


A principle research method used in Sapiens is one based on systems theory, which attaches great importance to contextualisation in a given environment and systemic analysis from the point of view of companies and organisations. It includes a proposed taxonomy that takes into account a company’s systems and environment. Other research methods employed focus on lexicon, comparisons, classifications and, importantly, on history, given that studying the past is key to understanding the present and to creating the future.



The book’s final section explores how Sapiens has been applied in projects promoted solely by the foundation, and also in collaborative projects with external organisations such as Grifols, Esade, Roca, Sant Joan de Déu, HP, FC Barcelona, Diario Ara, Prodigioso Volcán, Dom Pérignon, Disney, CaixaBank and Fundación Telefónica. Definition of the methodology has been carried out parallel to its experimental application in these projects, and a chapter is dedicated to examining this aspect.


The work of elBullirestaurante, just as with any other authored work, involves concepts and techniques based on previous creations, and whose potential contribution is to be a part of its evolution, whilst acting honestly and recognising its origins. With this methodology we are not inventing gunpowder: Sapiens is an interpretation that is part of a trajectory.

In this section is a short summary of each chapter of the book

This book not only explains a methodology, but also a way of living, thinking and working. A way that may not be for everyone, but that everyone should be able to appreciate. Sapiens’ work is, in a way, the story of a life of questioning the whys and wherefores and the evolution of the things around us.

Israel Ruiz

Ferran Adrià has talked much of the Sapiens method as a tool for tackling issues relating to gastronomy and how it has featured in many projects over recent years. Now, after ten years of study and research, elBullifoundation is publishing the volume Linking Knowledge. Sapiens Methodology in which the team elaborates on this methodology.

7 Caníbales

An inspiring book, bringing together the many theories, methodologies, tools and other references from which elements have been incorporated.