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How do we apply marketing concepts to unelaborated products in the fine dining restaurant? What value do these products present in the context of the restaurant and the gastronomic offer? How do we intend to sell the product? What marketing tools are available to us? These are some of the questions we raise concerning marketing and the sale of unelaborated products in a high end restaurant.


However there are further aspects to consider: what are the first steps one should take in developing a marketing plan? How should we define the product we want to work with? What actions and tactics favour its promotion and sale? What objectives do we want to achieve with the implementation of such a plan?


We analyse what is initially required in order to market and sell an unelaborated product: defining the restaurant context and the situation so as to determine what strategies have to be applied, studying the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that will impact on the marketing plan and condition the actions and results.


Finally, we will see how marketing, apart from defining our product, determines the price, the promotion strategies, the distribution systems and the advertising it receives.