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In order to situate the product in a fine dining restaurant, it is necessary to refer to the concept of tasting and gastronomy as something more than solely eating and getting nourishment. Humans cook to feed themselves but also to enjoy the flavours they produce, seeking pleasure through both food and drink.


As we have seen, the unelaborated product is a resource of the high end restaurant, part of the gastronomic offer of the restaurant, that results in an appealing array of food and drink.


At Sapiens we define elaborations as the result obtained from cooking one or more products. There are thousands of elaborations, and an equally large number of unelaborated products and their combinations.


We ask ourselves how we can classify them all so as to order them, draw links between them and hence understand them better.


Finally, we talk about the unelaborated product and its role as the main or secondary product in a given elaboration, as well as what is meant by product cuisine.