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This volume begins by introducing the nine tasting experts who accompany us right through the book, contributing their personal vision to each of the themes explored. They are Tim Atkin MW, Sarah Jane Evans MW, Luis Gutiérrez, Julia Harding MW, Luca Maroni, Thomas Matthews, José Peñín and James Tidwell MS, important figures who generously offer their illuminating views throughout.

The Sapiens method always follows the same first steps, regardless of the subject matter. This is to define the object of study: wine tasting with a focus on the art of the sommelier. A definition of the lexical and semantic aspect of this object is also necessary: what exactly is wine tasting? How and by whom has this term been defined? Is tasting a wine the same as simply sampling one? We conclude the chapter with a general comparison of tastings: what is tasted, how is it tasted, who tastes, the similarities and differences between tastings, etc.