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Sommeliers apply techniques that allow them to embellish the wine. Chilling, uncorking, pouring, decanting and aeration, and glass selection are some of them. These techniques take on a higher dimension through the application of systemisation and scientific knowledge; thereby turning them into technology. Sommeliers should welcome and embrace this knowledge as it enables them to become more rigorous and professional. It can only advance the profession to pose questions such as: Is it true that wine breathes? Why does decanting oxygenate the wine? Why does an ice bucket prepared with ice and water cool faster than with ice alone? How does the shape of the glass influence the perception of the wine?

This chapter provides a historical overview of differing styles of wine service (the Russian, American, French and English styles), and concludes by presenting a novel proposal about wine service: Can a wine be served French style?

In an effort to gain knowledge of how to master the difficult art of carrying the serving tray we interrogate the laws of physics to explore whether they can help us.