Connecting knowledge

“Connecting knowledge” is the podcast by elBullifoundation, with the collaboration of Prodigioso Volcán, about the Sapiens methodology and its application to innovation in any professional sector. Discover how innovation is not the result of chance or genius, but a process in which understanding and purpose are decisive to activate our creativity.

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Chapter 0: Ferran Adrià

In chapter 0 of “Connecting knowledge”, Ferran Adrià tells how, after the closure of the elBulli restaurant, he conceived Sapiens. How a methodology that served to understand gastronomy could be focused in such a way that it could serve any discipline.

Chapter 1: Toni Segarra

In the first episode of “Connecting knowledge”, the legendary publicist Toni Segarra tells us how he understands the Sapiens methodology and how he has contributed to its creation.

Chapter 2: Israel Ruiz

In this episode of “Connecting knowledge”, engineer Israel Ruiz, former vice president of MIT, tells us what the impact of Sapiens has been on his work and his thinking.

Chapter 3: David Bueno

In this episode of “Connecting knowledge”, scientist and divulgator David Bueno explores the connections between Sapiens and neuroscience, and how this methodology has influenced his way of understanding his field of research.

Chapter 4: Michelle Greenwald

In this episode of “Connecting knowledge”, Michelle Greenwald, innovation expert and professor, shares her unique perspective on how the Sapiens methodology has influenced her approach to marketing.

Chapter 5: Miquel Centelles

In this episode of “Connecting knowledge”, professor Miquel Centelles delves into the influence of Sapiens in his work and the way it has helped to understand the taxonomy of companies.

Chapter 7: Mario Tascón

In this episode of “Connecting knowledge”, the renowned journalist and consultant Mario Tascón explains how the Sapiens methodology has impacted his approach to communication and the day-to-day life of Prodigioso Volcán.

Chapter 8: Marcel Planellas

In this in-depth episode of “Connecting knowledge”, economist and historian Marcel Planellas addresses the fundamental role of the Sapiens methodology in his work as a professor in the Department of General Management and Strategy at ESADE.