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What is the culinary offer of a Nikkei fine dining restaurant? What kind of experience is it?

Discussing a subject is one of the best ways of getting to know it. For this reason, we reproduce a series of imaginary conversations in which we explore the gastronomic offer and the experience of eating in a Nikkei restaurant.

The first conversation takes place between two Peruvian friends, Camila and Bastián. She is a cook and has decided to open her own Nikkei restaurant in Lima. He works for a company in Peru, importing and distributing the processed and unprocessed foodstuffs produced by the biggest, most important brands. The dialogue centres on his latest project.

The second conversation is between Bastián and a Spaniard called Santi. He belongs to a family that imports and distributes spirits and liqueurs all around the world. Santi and Bastián first met in an international gastronomic food and beverages fair in Barcelona and meet again, some time later, in a Nikkei restaurant in the same city.

The third and final conversation returns to the first characters we met, but now in a different setting. Bastián visits Camila after his trip to Barcelona to tell her about his gastronomic experiences with Santi in the Nikkei restaurant.

These imaginary dialogues depict the dishes and products on offer that the friends sample in order to analyse their experiences and their later reflections on the matter.