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What are the products involved? What are the techniques, the tools and the processes?

One of the most important chapters of the book, given that we look in depth at the different classifications according to Sapiens. It enables us to systematically explore the information and give order and sense to it.

This system of grouping and ordering is fundamental to gaining an understanding of the function of products, tools and techniques in the context of the fine dining restaurant sector and, in this particular case, of high end Nikkei restaurants.

Since Nikkei cuisine shares characteristics of both East and West, we highlight the differences between Japanese and Peruvian products, tools and techniques.

This allows us to examine the differences and similarities between the two countries and, moreover, to analyse the predominant influence on each elaboration. To conclude this chapter, we propose several ways to categorise these final elaborations… that is, the dishes served to diners.

Once classified, you can gain a full appreciation of the incredible number of options we have for creating, reproducing and tasting Nikkei dishes.