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What is Nikkei cuisine? And what is a Nikkei restaurant?

In this chapter, we have created a lexicon of the terms relevant to this book and necessary to understand the differences between Nikkei cuisine and high end Nikkei restaurants.

Once we have laid the foundations, we map the historical factors between Japan and Peru that resulted in the emergence of this culinary style, and introduce you to the actors who developed it.

Next, we explore a series of questions to discover the relationship between this cuisine and others, looking at the development of the restaurant spaces and the specific geographical area in which they evolved. This will help us perceive the possibilities and limitations of Nikkei.

To finish this chapter, we investigate the possible classifications proposed by the Sapiens method.

In this way we can systematically detail and order the knowledge, establishing relationships between the data obtained. This will help to form a clear picture of the place of Nikkei in the world of cooking.

These classifications contribute towards the development of our ideas in the following chapter and also function as a tool for creating new classifications.