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What is the Sapiens of Nikkei cuisine? Why does the book have this title?

This book aims to analyse all aspects of the concept of Nikkei, looking first at the inspiration behind the cuisine… its soul.

A clear understanding of the cuisine can be gained through examining first principles, the reason we have decided to apply the Sapiens methodology to it. This allows us to carry out an analysis that encompasses everything from the most basic to the most complex aspects.

The Sapiens of Nikkei cuisine is the first book dedicated to the cooking traditions and practices of a particular region within Bullipedia – the elBullifoundation project working to publish an encyclopaedia of gastronomy in the Western world.

Our goal in applying Sapiens is to approach this cuisine from different points of view.

In this way, you will be able to view Nikkei from a new perspective, getting to know its influences and inspirations, its historical development and the cultural environment in which it flourishes in contemporary Western society.

This book is aimed at all restaurant professionals and cooking enthusiasts wishing to gain further knowledge of everything we understand of the cuisine at this time.

We also wish to reaffirm that the cultural exchange responsible for the emergence of this culinary style is present in many other countries. Furthermore, this publication serves as a work tool and a basis for multiple areas of research.