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What other books examine Nikkei cooking? What information is contained in each one?

As you finish this book we offer you other options to continue investigating this cuisine. You can find out more about Nikkei cuisine or simply draw comparisons from the material we have provided.

In the books we recommend, you will find cross-references giving you access to further information on the subject and thus offering you the opportunity for more detailed research.

We have become aware that there is very little specific literature on Nikkei cuisine. Consequently, we not only direct you towards specialist books, but also recipe books, gastronomic dictionaries and other publications that consider this style of cuisine.

All of them serve as points of reference for the Nikkei cuisine practised today.

We have based our selection on the bibliographic sources compiled by the leading figures of Nikkei cuisine at the present time, along with those contemporary works that restaurant professionals use for reference purposes.

We hope this will be of great use to you!