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Bebidas. Definición, historia, tipos y composición

Drinks I: Definition, history, types and composition. This first volume about drinks incorporates the Sapiens methodology to analyse the context, origin, evolution, classification and composition of drinks. A significant work exploring the whys and wherefores of how a liquid that is ingested comes to be considered a drink.


564 pages

230 x 330 mm

Hard cover

ISBN: 978-84-69-76672-9


Drinks I: Definition, history, types and composition. This first volume by Bullipedia about the world of drinks, is a 564-page compendium aimed at professionals, enthusiastic non-professionals and students of the fine-dining restaurant sector. Applying the Sapiens methodology -which offers an understanding of any field of study from a multidisciplinary view- allied to the wealth of data, analysis, definitions, anecdotes, images, concept maps employed, gives the work great scope.

This work will be valuable to anyone interested in asking questions about how we can define a drink, the differing ways drinks can exist and our motives for drinking them, why there are better and worse drinks, what gives them a gastronomic value, what uses our ancestors gave them and why they were already being drunk through straws more than 5,000 years ago, why they taste different from each other and under what perspectives they can be classified, etc.



In this section is a short summary of each chapter of the book

For its creators, Bullipedia is a commitment to creating a consensus in the language of cooking. It is dedicated to chefs throughout the world whatever the nature of their cuisine, and particularly to the future generations able to employ it as a resource.

Diego Coquillat

This volume has been compiled based on the research of a multidisciplinary team coordinated by those responsible for Bullipedia, a project which combines philosophy, sommellerie, art, science, food technology, history, psychology and cooking.

Expansión – Gastronomia

Without a doubt, Bullipedia is one of the most ambitious projects in the area of culinary studies.

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