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The first chapter is dedicated to exploring what a cocktail bar is. Consequently, our first task is to contextualise cocktail bars within the framework of the different types of establishments in the hospitality industry.

Then we undertake a lexical semantic analysis, permitting us to further examine the concept of “bar”. In this way, we realise the initial objective of defining what a cocktail bar is.

After referring back to the first volume of Cocktail Sapiens for a historical perspective, we turn our attention to an analysis of the main criteria enabling us to classify the different establishments that serve cocktails as their principal offer. This takes us a step forward in our desire to connect knowledge about cocktails and cocktail bars.

To conclude our initial review, we introduce the key aspects to be developed in the following chapters concerning the organization and operation of a cocktail bar, and we address essential factors, such as the resources needed to undertake a project of this nature.

After analysing the role of the individual directing the human resources, we will focus on gaining an understanding of the concept of “resources” and close the chapter by devoting a few pages to one of the essential resources of any cocktail business: the physical space in which the activity takes place.