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Service is a generic word that encompasses a multitude of concepts that could be summarised in a single idea: to be looked after. It is a task as intangible as it is transcendental, and is carried out in a rehearsed ritualistic way, like a liturgy, that positively impacts on the customer’s experience. A well-served wine not only tastes better, but also promotes satisfying sensations.

Skilled sommeliers must understand the art of recommending and decanting. Similarly, they must be good hosts, have excellent communication skills that enable them to describe and suggest wines with authority, engaging and tempting customers with their recommendations. They must be precise when taking orders, elegant when pouring wine into the glass or decanting the bottle, attentive enough to carry out precise follow-ups of each table, ensuring continuous attention. A good sommelier must be adept at resolving complaints, cognisant that the service does not end until the last customer has been billed and has left the premises, allowing the final tasks involved in closing the service to be carried out.